all the %#&* I haven't been tweeting (january - march 2012)

Time for an UPDATE!

2012 has been mind-boggling thus far - definitely one of the busiest times I’ve experienced in my short professional career! And it doesn’t help that not tweeting my every move on Twitter or Facebook makes me feel guilty for keeping my dear friends (hopefully fans too) out of the loop.  Let me tell you a little about what I’ve been up to, it’s all uber exciting, I promise!

It literally all started on January 1st when I committed myself to the idea of expanding my septet into a full-blown 10 piece ensemble. This was a hard decision to come by, as this decision makes the band very very hard to tour. Ultimately I decided to follow through with the idea that this band will strictly be a New York project - like how Maria Schneider’s group played weekly gigs in the Greenwich Village for virtually no money before they really hit it big. The idea with this group is to constantly be prolific in writing new material and playing gigs in hopes to build some type of grass-roots hype about the band and the music. It’ll certainly be a long process, but something I’m 100% committed to. 

This new dectet has a gig coming up this month on Saturday March 31st. We’ll also be headed into the studio the very next day to record a short EP to be released (likely as a free download) sometime in the summer or fall. Here are the details for our upcoming gig :::

March 31st 2012 - Steven Lugerner's Narratives Dectet (w/ Matt Marantz, Jonah Parzen-Johnson, Stephanie Richards, Natalie Cressman, Angelo Spagnolo, Dave Scanlon, Matthew Wohl & Max Jaffe) @ Freddy’s Bar & Backroom - BROOKLYN, NY - 10PM


In other uber exiting news - CHIVES - have been tracking, mixing and mastering our new album titled DADS. The new album will be released by Primary Records this summer with hopefully two tours to follow suit, one through the Great Lakes area (including Canada) and the other in California in October of 2012. This band is dear to my heart, I can’t wait to hit the road with these dudes!

Other projects I’m involved with like IN ONE WIND & killerBOB have also been busy recording new material and taking it on the road. In February, IN ONE WIND went on a short weekend tour up through Boston, Providence, Burlington & Portsmouth while killerBOB went to Philadelphia & Washington D.C. Here are my favorite pictures from my February travels :::

(Xander Naylor’s backyard just outside Burlington)

(Dave Scanlon & killer BOB in D.C)


And last, but certainly not least…

I’ve finally finished mixing the tracks for a new quartet album of mine featuring Darren Johnston, Myra Melford and Matt Wilson. I was honored to have this band together for a gig last September in 2011 & was lucky enough to get this group into the studio while they were in town. This album is somewhat of a sequel to our first album These Are The Words released last year. Gematria is once again used as the starting point for composition, yet the raw material comes from the biblical Book of Joshua rather than the Torah. In September we recorded four tracks as a live band and six solo improvisations. The improvisations where then transcribed and orchestrated for multiple woodwinds which I overdubbed and mixed with the help of Jacob Bergson at The Bunker Studio. What I am left with is an album that doesn’t really sound like anything I’ve heard before. I can’t wait to share it!

PHEW! Think that’s just about everything! 

Thanks for reading!