IN ONE WIND ///////// LEAN now available via Primary Records

Lean is the new six song EP from Brooklyn-based quintet In One Wind - a concise musical statement that evokes the feeling of an intense gravitational see-saw. The selections on Lean are tied together by their shared narrative; the movement between each character attracted or repelled by one another. As songwriter Angelo Spagnolo puts it, “Leaning is bending toward, or resting upon, another body. There is a peculiar feeling to a body leaning because of the uncertainty of where it might find its place of rest. A lean can be caused by a desire for change, an interest in another, even a repulsion. It is a position of transformation from one point to another. It is a position of potential.” 

Throughout Lean, listeners will find themselves in the thick of classic stories by Brothers Grimm (“Golden Sphere” & “Little Brother, Little Sister”). A rewritten narrative based on the photography of Henri Cartier-Bresson becomes the spark for “Barrio.” The lives of Lawrence Weiner and Roy Lichtenstein were inspiration for the verbal sculptural song “Oh, Brad.” Reworked classic American folk song, “Drunkard,” and finally, a personal account of Spagnolo’s (“All Day, All Night”), are two ballads that round out the aesthetic and intention of the album. 

This collection of material is strung together by the common thread of leaning. Each character finds themselves in a state of potential: some leaning towards each other, some leaning away, some having third parties keeping them from meeting. In this particular catalogue of songs, none of the characters achieve their desired resting place of connection, but remain in a seemingly eternal lean of separation from one another. 

The idea of Lean is also a nod to the ethos of the album’s recording process. The band went into the studio with the intention of capturing this collection as they had been performing it on tour between November 2011 & April 2012. The resultant recording is sparser and leaner than the band’s debut How Bright a Shadow!, with the vocals, as well as the live interplay of the instrumentals, coming to the forefront.

released 10 July 2012 

Mallory Glaser - voice, synthesizer 

Max Jaffe - drumset, voice 

Steven Lugerner - clarinet, bass clarinet 

Rob Lundberg - double bass, electric bass, voice 

Angelo Spagnolo - voice, guitar