Midwest Tour w/ The John Hollenbeck Large Ensemble

A couple of weeks ago, I had the amazing opportunity to perform and tour with the John Hollenbeck Large Ensemble. The experience on and off stage was truly eye opening. I’m not sure I’ve played in a band with such high caliber musicians who night after night performed John’s music with astounding precision. And having the opportunity to socialize and learn from the experiences of some of my musical heros was invaluable. A big thank you to all the musicians listed below for making this experience so memorable —>

Our set-up at the Jazz Standard —>

Bohdan Hilash (bass sax & contra-bass clarinet), Me (tenor sax, clarinet, flute, sop sax & E. horn), Ben Kono (flute, sop sax, alto sax), Jeremy Viner (clarinet & tenor sax) & Ellery Eskelin (tenor sax) —->

Gotta be traveling in style….

Our gig at Oberlin College in the great state of Ohio. @Finney Chapel 

My view of JC Sanford from the saxophone section. It was pretty amazing to sit between Bohdan and Ben for the week. Super intense bursts of bass sax to my left with impecable flute playing to my right —>

Our gig at Ohio State University in Columbus @ The Wexner Center —>