With the end of the semester looming, the time I’ve spent at The New School will also be coming to an end. All in all, its been great minus some (very light) bumps in the road. The time has come however, and it’s one of the scariest yet most exciting times in my life. 

Below is an audio post of my composition “Alondra.” I wrote this piece back when I was working at The Stanford Jazz Camp in California. This piece came to me in one, relatively large chunk, which is quite different from many of my other compositions that usually see at least six to eight re-writes. This recording, taken from my senior recital is probably one of the best times I’ve heard/played the chart. Thanks to Lucas, Ari, Glenn, Angelo, Ross and Michael for making this recital so incredibly awesome, I couldn’t have asked for more. Next step: THE RECORDING STUDIO in JULY!

Also posted is a video taken by Django Parx from our gig at the Tea Lounge. This composition, “in the wilderness” (featuring Itamar Borochov on trumpet) was written quite some time ago using elements of Gematria. I am currently in the process of writing more music using some of these same concepts, for a bass-less quartet (woodwinds, trumpet, piano and drums), to hopefully be recorded sometime in the fall. 

As summer approaches, so do many recording sessions! IN ONE WIND will be stepping into the studio this summer in addition to The Caledonia Mission. On top of that, the Septet will be recording in July, and this currently untitled Quartet (mentioned above) will be recorded sometime in October!

This coming Sunday, I will be traveling to Bern, Switzerland to perform at the Bern International Jazz Festival. Eden Ladin, Ross Gallagher and Max Jaffe will be joining me on this journey. I’m incredibly excited for this trip, not only because it will be my first time in Switzerland, but that I also get to spend my time there with such amazing musicians and friends. We’ll be playing three sets a night for a week, which is something I’ve never done. Its gonna be like “the good ‘ol days” when jazz musicians would play all night long into the wee hours of the morning. Stay tuned for a detailed post about the trip!