There comes a point in every man’s (or woman’s) night when they’ve absolutely exhausted everything entertaining contained in the wonderful world wide web. Keep reloading your facebook page to see what all your “friends” are up to? Aimlessly wandering the depths of YouTube? Trying to come up with something clever to Tweet about?

Well I have a treat for you!

My good friend from back home in Burlingame, Jason Lazarus, is affiliated with The Wait List:

The Wait List is a creative collective embodying the next generation of Los Angeles funny-makers. Founded at UCLA, The Wait List has concocted a new recipe for creating captivating live performances, boundary-pushing sketches, and short films by combining the diverse talents of young writers, actors, filmmakers, and composers.

Having already achieved substantial success in a short amount of time, The Wait List is now prepared to achieve substantial success in a long amount of time.

The Wait List. Almost everyone laughs." 

Best part - they have a website ( where you can enjoy all of their hilariousness. Now you have something to do. Thank me later.

Find The Wait List on YouTube

Find The Wait List on Facebook

photo, photoBeth Beauchamp