One of the cooler gigs I’ve played:

“The High Line is a new elevated park in Manhattan’s West Village and Chelsea areas. The High Line is a converted elevated abandoned rail line, constructed in the 1930s and put to use until 1980.”

 “Jupiter by Demetrius Oliver integrates itself into the cityscape due to it’s interdisciplinary nature. The billboard, which is the center piece, is a set of photos posted on a billboard at 18th street. Viewable from the elevated park, the work is a vinyl print of 5 photos taken of interior spaces without people. The round/spherical photos reference the namesake of the piece – Jupiter.  Jupiter is also a nod to an inspiration from iconic tenor saxophonist,  John Coltrane. Jupiter is a composition with the same title released on the album Interstellar Space in 1967, the year of Coltrane’s untimely death.”

 "The aspects of the artwork are photographic, musical and astronomical, but the space the work is presented in become apart of the work as well – the gardens, the architecture of the elevated line, it’s relation to the city, the views.“

"On September 21st Demetrius Oliver joined the New York chapter of the Amateur Astronomers Association on the High Line to view the planet, as on this day the Earth orbited between the Sun and Jupiter making it more visible than any other time of the year. Throughout the life of the piece, sets of musicians from The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music performed throughout the High Line, emulating the spiritual vibe of John Coltrane’s Jupiter.”

“Different types of improvised music were represented with this piece; free jazz, more traditional forms into more electronic manipulation of sound/soundscapes/aleatoric jazz. The different spaces of the High Line subjected the music to atmospheric shifts and varying harmonics – the acoustics of the open and closed spaces interweaving with the street noise of the city created it’s own unique soundscape.”

-text taken from NO NEW ENEMIES NETWORK

(also featured in video: Max Jaffe (drums), Dave Scanlon (guitar), Garrett Lang (bass), Ari Chersky (guitar), Adam Starkof (drums), Jacob Bergson (piano), James Muschler (drums), Elad Muskatel (bass), Mike Bjella (clarinet), Angelo Spagnolo (guitar) and Mallory Glaser (voice & fx)

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