Primary Records Compilation Vol. II - available for FREE download

I’ve been extremely fortunate to associate myself with Primary Records for the past few years. Primary began as the brainchild of Anthony LaMarca & Oren Kessler, but has since blossomed into a artist-generated community of musicians who are all trying to achieve the same goal - make genre-defying music, produce beautiful products and to be as prolific as possible. Primary’s support began with the first IN ONE WIND record (How Bright A Shadow!), and that support that has also been instrumental in the release of the new IOW EP Lean, CHIVES/DADs & the upcoming killer BOB/Names of War records. Take a minute to peep this compilation. My colleagues are making some extremely exciting music, I really can’t say enough about them. You can stream and even download it for FREE. Free music = undiscovered gems you’ll gradually become obsessed with. Enjoy!

regular, regularBeth Beauchamp