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Steven Lugerner - Saxophones, Clarinets, Flutes & Double Reeds

David Scanlon - Guitar & Vocals

Rob Lundberg - Bass Guitar

Max Jaffe - Drumset, Percussion & Vocals


killer BOB is a singular distillation of various strands of (experimental) music, namely punk, jazz, industrial, and contemporary classical music. Fear May Be A Builder, however, is much more than just a mishmash of aggression and strange sounds. The band’s focus on alternate realities places their music in a context in which dreams and waking life blend and blur, allowing the listener to re-imagine and repurpose their relationship to the music contained within.

Scanlon, whose compositions make up the bulk of the album, asks, “What if we stop treating our dreams as fiction and allow these events to enter or inform our waking life?  In dreams, these events actually happen. One experiences them in a real way - but the difference is that the experience is not entirely physical. This is also true for a large portion of what we experience in waking life.”

 What killer BOB sets out to do parallels what we all do subconsciously in our dreams.  Compositions and performances become exhibitions of these dream worlds where one constantly and naturally changes social manners, laws of physics, and sexual behavior in order to reach new places that either suit our needs or highlight aspects of our waking realities.

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