Primary Records is a new record label in Brooklyn, NY, founded in late 2010 by partners and long-time friends Anthony LaMarca and Oren Kessler. Primary’s main goal is to nurture and develop emerging musical artists in a community environment - supporting true artistic freedom regardless of genre. Primary’s first release is In One Wind’s How Bright A Shadow! - while upcoming releases from The Building, killerBOB & The Chives are in the works. 

My double-disk debut album Narratives/These Are The Words is now available through Primary Records, along with the most recent release by The Chives - For Brian Wilson. I’m incredibly honored to be apart of the greater Primary Records community. Anthony and I have been friends and colleagues since our time together at The New School. Oren and Michelle have also been extremely supportive personalities in spending their time and energy supporting my music in addition to so many other great bands and artists on the label. Check out to download their first sampler (FOR FREE!), and to learn more about some really really exciting music from the rest of the artists. Great things to come from Anthony, Oren and the rest of Primary Records!

photo, photoBeth Beauchamp