The debut record from In One Wind - How Bright A Shadow! has finally been released on Primary Records! This album has been in the works for a little over a year, and I couldn’t be more proud of the final product. To obtain a copy of How Bright A Shadow!, head over to or


Here’s a little blurb from our press release :::

The Brooklyn, NY-based indie folk group In One Wind is set to release its first full-length album, How Bright a Shadow!, August 16 on the Primary Records label. From a Wendell Berry poem of the same name, the title signifies the feeling of the album: through a harmonious optimism, there is a tautly stretched thread of despair. 

How Bright a Shadow! draws on folk, indie rock, avant-garde, and pop influences. In One Wind features vocalist and guitarist Angelo Spagnolo, vocalist Mallory Glaser, vocalist/trombonist Samantha Rise Roberson, bassist Robert Lundberg, multi-reedist Steven Lugerner, and drummer Max Jaffe. Anthony LaMarca (of St. Vincent & Dean and Britta) produced the album, and played a critical role in its coming-to-be. Each section of musicians takes turns at the forefront of How Bright a Shadow!  The album’s use of space within a sometimes dense ensemble contributes to its special character. The combination of Lugerner’s English horn, female vocals and glockenspiel on the opening “Tuck Me In With Bells,” sounds like a breathing, human synthesizer. “What Seems to Be” presents a chamber orchestra of multiple woodwinds, violin and double bass over a steady, almost abrasive drumbeat. Jaffe and Lundberg are a powerful engine for the band. Along with Spagnolo’s guitar processing wizardry and some minimal electronic manipulations, the pastoral blend of woodwinds, strings and voices is disrupted.  _______________________________________________________________________

some exciting reviews of How Bright A Shadow! :::

“Folk music tends to earn a pass for its simplicity, favoring storytelling over compositional flourishes. Brooklyn-based indie-folkers In One Wind, however, don’t subscribe to that pared-down aesthetic, weaving their tales through strange angles and stunning, startling juxtapositions. On their debut, How Bright a Shadow!, songwriter Angelo Spagnolo takes inspiration directly from both Franz Kafka, the Bible and the Brothers Grimm, all sources that mire moral fables in bleak, nonsensical violence, an approach directly translated into In One Wind’s stark shifts and baroque confabulations.” - Shaun Brady (Philadelphia City Paper)

“In One Wind is one of the most inventive and satisfying new bands.. The configuration is guitar, three voices (two women, one man), stand-up bass, drums, and various reeds and woodwinds. Its orientation is arty in a way that will later date the group as a phenomenon of Brooklyn in the year 2011, but its music is something more than pretentious. It’s not just gimmicky IT-Dept. pop. The band’s debut album, How Bright a Shadow! is exuberantly experimental, neatly dissonant, multi-textured, peppered with surprise, and almost radical not only for the angularity of its time, but also for its underlying warmth.” - David Hajdu (The New Republic)

“Blending and often juxtaposing elements of pretty much any genre out there, from Pop to Doo-Wop Jazz, from Americana to Math Rock, and using all sorts of instruments to do so, Brooklyn’s In One Wind can be described as a big musical carousel. This is obviously a group of people belonging to the that category of musicians who are trying to find new musical paths within the pop realm, and these tracks succeed in being at once entertaining and interesting - something too often both pop and experimental music fail to achieve.” - The Deli Magazine


and some upcoming performances :::

September 18th 2011 @ The Rockshop - Brooklyn, NY - 7PM

September 24th 2011 @ The Freedom Garden - Brooklyn, NY - 9PM

September 29th 2011 @ Thunderbird Cafe - Pittsburgh, PA - 10PM

October 8th 2011 @ Union Hall - Brooklyn, NY - 7:30

November 1st 2011 @ UCLA (opening up for Tune-Yards) - Los Angeles, CA

November 14th 2011 @ Rockwood Music Hall (double-bill with The Becca Stevens Band) - New York, NY - 9PM

photo, photoBeth Beauchamp